Leaders Track

Although early stage Startups and Entrepreneurs who just adopted this life style have a strong Idea and motive to begin with, but the importance of process to manage it isn't properly weighed in. To enhance such capabilities JumpStart Pakistan is glad to announce Leaders track mentoring program. The leaders track aims the early stage startups and students with entrepreneurial mindset to enjoy the thrill of hiking and learn the core concepts behind a successful startup while being close to nature.

Through Leader’s track we would help the participants to understand the needs and requirements to train their minds how to deal with different situation.

   Why You Should Join us
    @Leader's Track:
  • Networking with CEOs.
  • Physical Activities to learn team coordination, time management and work life balance.
  • A session on " How to seek investment for your business venture".
  • A success story of highest achievers local entrepreneurial eco-system has produced.
  • A training on First Aid to keep yourselves save while you are hiking.
  • Certificate of Participation.
  • Refreshment.

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