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Change Pakistan through Entrepreneurship!

Dear Catalyst for Change!

Whether you were there or not to witness the Launch of JumpStart Pakistan initiative on March 1st, 2014, we like to THANK YOU for your support and role you might have played during the days preceding to the Event. It was quite a success, Alhamdulilah!

JumpStart Pakistan did an amazing event, you heard inspirational speeches and discussions, you fully understood what JumpStart Pakistan initiative is all about, you witnessed Shepherd’s Pie session in which Creanyx secured Rs. 5 Million investment and an offer to open up their office in US, you saw highlight of the event when Mubashir Hassan from Al Halal Farms in Gujrawala shared Margalla Hills Model first success story and received standing ovation, but is it all or there is more to come?

Before we tell you what is to come, people who couldn’t attend the event have the opportunity to watch videos of individual sessions by clicking on following links:  


Highlights of the day!


Wahaj us Siraj - CEO of Nayatel

Being an Entrepreneur in Pakistan

He shared his life experiences, personal journey and difficulties he had to face to get where he is right now!

Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq – CEO of Roots Millennium

Education, Entrepreneurship and JumpStart Pakistan initiative

He emphasized the need and importance of Quality Education in Pakistan and how JumpStart Pakistan initiative can help in creating the ecosystem.

Khurram Mujtaba – CEO of JumpStart Pakistan

What is JumpStart Pakistan Initiative and how we can change Pakistan through it!

He explained, why politics and philanthropic initiatives alone can not change Pakistan but Entrepreneurial Mindset is needed to bring about a sizable change.

Michael Porter – Harvard Business School Professor

Why business can be good at solving social problems

Michael Porter TED talk on above topic affectively provides us a strategy; if implemented, it has the potential to solve most of the social problems in this world today.

Mubasher Hassan - Al Halal Farms, Gujranwala

He shared the story of his journey and explained about the issues Entrepreneurs are facing while sitting in rural areas of Pakistan. What measure should we take to promote Entrepreneurship in primitive areas and how effective it would be!

How easy it is to achieve something awesome with collaboration

Panelists shared their startup stories and proved that how easy it is to achieve something big if we choose a path of collaboration rather then competition.

Farrukh Mehmood
COO Moftak Solutions
Muazzam Arslan Bhatti
CEO Alfoze Technology
Farrukh Malik
CEO Discretelogix
Sohail Siddiqui
Co–Founder Binex Solutions
Tariq Javed
Head of Logistics Nokia Siemens Networks

Asad Umar – Former CEO of Engro and
Member National Assembly of Pakistan

Think Big but Start Small

He stressed on competitive behavior, healthy business mindset and importance of clusters while creating Entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pakistan.

Saleem Gillani – FM Broadcaster for over 20 years

How and why I produced Justju ka safar, first ever audio book of Pakistan in Urdu language.

Novel Justju ka safar is a book written by Zeeshan Usmani, has a potential to change those hearts who have wronged themselves. It was my great honor to convert this Novel into an audio book so more and more can benefit from it.

Shepherd’s Pie

Early stage Startups pitched their business Ideas in front of Shepherds (CEO’s panel) to get investments in exchange of equity.

Khurram Mujtaba - CEO of JumpStart Pakistan
Zubair Khan - CEO of Tranchulas
Faizan Laghari - Founder Mini Ventures
Faisal Zahid - CEO of Swaggable
Usama Shahid Khan
Co-Founder of Cloud9 Startups

Abdul Samad – CEO of Youth Impact

Youth Impact creates, innovates and teaches.

Emphasized on the need of wilderness based programs and trainings to raise effective leadership from the youth.

Why we need Margalla Hill Model in Pakistan
instead of Silicon Valley Model

Shehryar Hydri - Director, Marketing & Operations at Convo
Prof. Dr. Arshad Ali - Pricipal at SEECS-NUST
Ahmed Tahir Masood - DPE Lead at Microsoft


Justju ka safar
First ever Audio book of Pakistan in Urdu Language

Click here to read and download book in pdf format.
Click here to Listen “Audio Book” Promo.
Click here to buy complete “Audio Book” of Justju Ka Safar .


What Next?

  • Availability of Startups and Shepherd’s match making functionality on JumpStart Pakistan website, for the time being if you are a Startup or would like to add value to this ecosystem as a Shepherd then register yourself at www.jumpstartpakistan.com

  • We are aiming to achieve within first year to have at least one Shepherd’s Pie session each week. These sessions will be conducted through out the country, whether you live in Shikarpur, Lala Musa, D.I.Khan or Gawadar, you’ll have the opportunity to play your part in fixing problems of this country.

  • Once in a month Entrepreneurial Movie Night session in your home town will provide opportunity for each existing and potential entrepreneur to “ Learn while having Fun”. Movies like Jobs, The internship, Social Network, Three idots, etc. contain those strong messages which every Entrepreneur should learn from!

  • JumpStart Pakistan recently partnered with Kauffman Foundation to conduct its flagship Entrepreneurial training courses in Pakistan, FastTrac New Venture, FastTrac Tech Venture and FastTrac Growth Venture. It is a 30 hour course which is spread over 10 weeks during which participants will be able to practically work on their Startups and by 10th week they’ll have full business plan in their hands.

This is just a sneak preview and there is lot more to come, so just sit tight and enjoy the ride!

JumpStart Pakistan partner Go-Fig Solutions
wins World Startup Cup

Congratulations Zeeshan on winning a World Startup Cup,
You made us feel to be a proud Pakistani

Now a days, we rarely hear a good news about Pakistan and when ever we do, it is sigh of relief that not everything is bad in this country. Zeeshan ul Hassan Usmani of Go-Fig Solutions recently provided us one of those occasions when they made an announcement at World StartUp Cup in Yerevan, Armenia that Go-Fig Solutions of Pakistan StartUp Cup is the winner of the first ever World StartUp Cup.

It was momentous occasion for Pakistan when Go-Fig was announced winner at Tumo where seven of the world’s most promising startups competed for the opportunity of a lifetime, pitching their business models to an international panel of StartUp Cup judges. Teams from Pakistan, Egypt, Malaysia, Russia, Philippines, Lebanon and Ghana were competing for the title of the first World StartUp Cup winner!

Once again, we like to Thank Everyone for playing your part in which ever way or form you did, and off course would be looking forward to the same kind of support in future so together we all can bring about that change which we all aspire for!



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