If you have ever cracked a startup idea and wondered where you should pitch your startup idea to gather investment and why, you already have a clear picture of what you require from a platform that you feel can help you and your idea in the right direction. JumpStart Pakistan’s “Change Pakistan Conference 2017, Peshawar” has all those boxes checked. .

  1. Opportunity at qualifying for 1 week boot camp in Rawalpindi and Murree, Shepherd’s Pie Season III Finale in Islamabad and seedstarsummit* in Switzerland.
  2. A chance at scoring 1 year incubation period at LaunchPad7 once your startup gets approved by any one of our participating Shepherds.
  3. Continuous promotion of your Startup through priority listing on the JumpStart Pakistan’s Web Portal and social media platforms.
  4. Access to the pool of Renowned CEOs and Entrepreneurs around the world through our exclusive Shepherds network.
  5. Opportunity to Pitch in front of the International Investors via Live Broadcast.
  6. Experts’ panel with insights on how to realize your startup dreams.
  7. Ted Style rigorous talk sessions by leading CEOs of the industry to teach at runtime about how you can successfully develop your startup.

Anyone who wishes to see their startup prosper and wants to avail the right kind of help and opportunities would not want to miss pitching in Change Pakistan Conference 2017 Peshawar.

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