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Change Pakistan through Entrepreneurship!
Jumpstart Pakistan launch event on 1st March 2014

Dear ABC,

We are pleased to invite you to the launch event of Jumpstart Pakistan on Saturday, 1st March 2014 to be held at Margalla Hotel Islamabad. This conference will be an excellent occasion to network and meet fellow Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Achievers.

At this event, Jumpstart Pakistan aims to put down a foundation of a structure which would ultimately change the future of Pakistan, which we all aspire for.

We look forward to welcoming you to Jumpstart Pakistan Launch event.

Best Regards,
Fakhar Abbas
Event Manager, Jumpstart Pakistan
Mobile No: +92 333 5262283

Conference theme
Let Youth be part of the solution!
Jumpstart Pakistan is not an incubator - It is a green house through which we'll organically grow startups!



Everyone talks about changing Pakistan because no one is happy with situation we are in, but are we ready to do something about it? If we are, then most of us don't know where to start from, due to which we get frustrated and converse a lot rather than doing something practical about it.

So the essential question is, what do we do to play our part to bring about the change we aspire for. The easier choices are to support or join a political party that is promising in its election manifesto to bring about that change, which is close to your heart or maybe even establish one of your own. Take a philanthropic route, either establish your own NGO or become part of an existing one and help them to build schools, hospitals, feed the needy, promote education, etc.

However past experiences tell us that both routes have not been able to bring about the sizable change which Pakistan truly needs, nor can we expect that change in the near future. So what do we do as individuals to bring about the enormous change, which will ultimately change the lives of people?

The answer is Entrepreneurship!



Jumpstart Pakistan is an initiative through which you can play your part in changing Pakistan. If you want to be part of this initiative, our only requirement is for you to have an Entrepreneurial Mindset!

The only way you can generate wealth is through Entrepreneurship, but that is not the only aspect - more importantly you solve problems. There is a sizable population of Pakistan where malnutrition is alarmingly becoming a serious issue. These people have not been able to feed themselves and their families due to food inflation and lack of job opportunities. Rather than relying on governmental ideals or NGOs, nobody has come forward with an entrepreneurial mindset to come up with ideas to produce multivitamins for poor families, no one has suggested and sold tomato seeds to these families cheaply so they can grow tomato plants in their back yard and have a free supply of tomatoes into the next season when everyone will be

selling them in market place at almost double the price of tomatoes sold in London. The options are abundant and clear to entrepreneurs who want to enrich Pakistan.

This is just the problem-solving part, but the company you will establish to manufacture multivitamins cheaply or to establish a supply chain for tomato seeds will create extra jobs, which will help the state of Pakistan as a whole. It is now up to you on how you devise a compensation plan so it also takes care of the wellbeing of your employees.



Entrepreneurship is the way forward!

Decide to play your part!

Choose your destiny -> Equip yourself -> Build the team -> Choose a path -> Have Faith -> Struggle to walk on the path -> Reach your ultimate destiny ->
Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

It has been debated for several years whether it is realistic to replicate silicon valley model in other parts of the world and expect similar sort of results, however in recent years entrepreneurial community of the world has reached to a conclusion that it wouldn't bring similar results due to the constraints which are not in our hands, primarily pointing at human element.

Closest analogy would be a human being itself, even if we are able to replicate it nerve by nerve and cell by cell, we won't be able to make it alive because soul will be missing!

Therefore, under Jumpstart Pakistan we are going to create similar eco-system but in a controlled environment. There are plenty of small and medium size enterprises in Pakistan headed by CEOs which went through whole Entrepreneurial life cycle. They started out with very primitive setup, successfully gone through startup stage, scaled the company and achieved what every entrepreneur dreams of achieving. They will be our Shepherds, Mentors, Investors for our new prospective entrepreneurs with excellent ideas.

It has been seen that conventional model of investing in startups through Venture Capital or Angel networks hasn't produced expected results in Pakistan and even if they did, those were in very small numbers, were short lived and failure rate was quite high.

In Jumpstart Pakistan model, CEOs of existing companies will take these new startups on board, they'll provide them green house environment in which thesestartups will organically grow, they'll be the new CEOs of these startups, they'll invest in exchange of equity in these startups, they'll be on the driving seat during the startup phase, they'll train one of the co-founders to ultimately become the CEO of the startup and finally they'll step down once one of the co-founder is ready assume the responsibility of chief executive.

With this model, we are aiming to launch
1500 plus startups in next 5 years.

Although it is quite ambitious number but so as the task to change Pakistan!

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