JumpStart has always promoted mentoring the startups in all the new ways possible. This time we have taken a step forward towards a mentoring session for 24 Hrs with the well-known CEOs and Entrepreneurs. If you’re constantly questioning yourself and your direction? Should I spend more time marketing? Should I focus on growing my Instagram following? Do I cold pitch clients? Do I need a contract? How do I hire an assistant? Why don't I have any money? How much should I be charging? And how can I sell without feeling sleazy? Am I going to go into debt? How do I even get started? No seriously, why don't I have any money? Where should I put my energies in? Then it is the right time and here is the platform where you can clear all your queries with the people who have grown from all of it, with the CEOs and the Entrepreneurs that have established their businesses. JumpStart is bringing a whole pool of CEOs to you to mentor, camp and stay with you for the whole 24 Hrs. If you want to be the part of exciting learning, lighter side chats, experience sharing and mentoring for the startup that be the part of the initiative.

Registrations & Drink

Commencement & Recitation


Dinner with CEOs

Pillow Chat and Imagination Exercises


Prayer and Morning Walk


Session on

Who am I?, Where am I?
Where I want to be?

Session on

How to Grow a
Successful Startup

Session on

How to multiply your
24hours by 2


Workshop on
Identifying the Steps

Summary of What we
have learnt today

@ Rs. 2500 only

Refreshment and Certificate of Participation Included

10% discount on group of 3 people &
20% discount on group of 5 people.

Call: +92-332-5488248 or Email:

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