Women And Entrepreneurship

By: Taskeen Amaan

It was not long ago when the females were buried alive, considering them to be useless, in fact a curse for the society. In the modern times, it has been proven that the females, who constitute more than 50% of the planet, are able to sustain pressure and multitasking much more, despite their vulnerable situations. They play their roles in medicine, electronics, media, social issues, politics and many other fields, but the topic at hand being Entrepreneurship, certain females have proven to be a great asset for the society.

One of the leading experts and an inspirational entrepreneur in this modern era is no other than Madam Ayesha Hamid. She is an inspiration for the youth of today, in the literal sense. Her ideas, dedication and utmost self -confidence have let her reach for the skies. She has been honored to be the Chairperson of Asia American School of International Academics. A successful Entrepreneur with Five Masters in Education,U.S.A and a Ph.D in Educational Administration,U.S.A.  She has an immense 38 years of Teaching /Administrative experience in U.S.A. & Pakistan, and is often seen on public platforms motivating the youth of Pakistan to achieve eugenic aims. The interesting fact is that although she is a busy entrepreneur who hardly finds time to tie a shoelace, yet she has successfully managed her private life, and is a grandmother of teenagers. Such wonderful Entrepreneurs are a blessing for the commoners.

Women entrepreneurship

Organizations like Youth Impact, Youth Entrepreneurial Society and JumpStart Pakistan play a key role in enabling the students and immature individuals to nourish their ideas and achieve eugenic aims. One of the major roles is played by JumpStart Pakistan nowadays, it is motivating youth to come and work on real grounds with Business men and Entrepreneurs of class. Shepherds help the start ups with an entrepreneurial mindset to grow professionally. In collaboration with Moftak Solutions, Vizteck Solutions and several other Sponsoring and training partners, JumpStart Pakistan is growing to change Pakistan by all means. Producing such Entrepreneurs and men of class will eventually lead Pakistan to success.

Ambassador of JumpStart Pakistan