Vheelz, the Story

By: Zukhraf Gull

In times like today, when traffic is one of the biggest havocs one could face, unruly traffic, over crowdedness, narrowing of roads, there are just some of the problems being faced by people who either have some place to be on emergent basis or do not have access to their own vehicles. It’s an “all hands on deck” kind of a situation for solution oriented people.

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Speaking of solutions and solution oriented people, Mr. Khurram Mujtaba, CEO Moftak Solutions and JumpStart Pakistan, has always been known for his initiatives towards solving the problems of Pakistan and his belief that only problem solving, one at a time, is the way to make Pakistan great again. In this very spirit, he came up with an idea in order to aid solving the problem of traffic on the roads of Pakistan that seems to be getting out of control with every passing day. His idea this time is a solution that has emerged on the horizon and is picking up pace in attracting people towards it. The idea, Vheelz.
Vheelz is a smart device application available at a finger tap’s reach to Apple and Android users. It is a completely internet based solution to the travel problems of people in the Twin cities Pakistan. It is a network of drivers (riders) with their vehicles ready at request for customer service.
Vheelz was launched as a bike ride solution, however, to accommodate female clientele and to aid them in their travelling problems, they have recently launched Rickshaws as well. Now, not only can ladies travel in rickshaws more feasibly, they can do that from wherever they are since Vheelz Rickshaws will pick them up from their doorstep.

When Vheelz was inaugurated, bikes were the core vehicle. This was decided keeping in mind that a bike requires less road space and so can get out of jams easily as compared to 4 wheeled vehicles. With effective service and affordable fare, the bike network picked up pace in no time and Vheelz got established as a traffic solution.

However, bikes were only catered to the male population’s issues with traffic and the female side went unattended. Also, bikes had a limitation of maximum 2 passengers and taxi was still too costly. So, to solve this problem, Vheelz launched their product extension in the form of a new vehicle in their network, a Rickshaw, on 23rd of March 2017 with a Vheelz Rickshaw Rally. Now they have rickshaws ready to be availed via their web application for anyone who wants. Females get their wish of a safe ride alongside affordability for everyone with number of passengers more than a bike but less than a taxi.

The Rates
The rates for Vheelz services have been decided after careful consideration of what is feasible for the users of the targeted demographics. Here is a summary.

Rickshaw Bike
PKR Per Kilometer PKR Per Minute Minimum Fare (PKR) PKR Per Kilometer PKR Per Minute Minimum Fare (PKR)
10.00 2.00 40.00 8.00 1.00 30.00

They do not have any base fare.

How to join the Vheelz Squad:

All you need to do is download the application and go through the motions to set up your Vheelz account. Once you’re signed up, you are exposed to a readily waiting, comprehensive network of riders (bikes and now rickshaws) at your disposal. Give in a location for pickup and drop off, your ride will pick you up from your doorstep and take you wherever you want to go. That too on extremely affordable rates and minimum time. Not to mention safety assurance and a great travel experience.
Apart from joining as a customer, you can also join as a member of the Vheelz Riders’ Network. You can become a part of the Vheelz employees and not only generate a living for yourself, you can do that while serving your country by being a part of the solution to a problem.

Area Coverage & Future:
Vheelz initially was twin cities bound. As in, they operated in Rawalpindi and Islamabad only. However, on 28th March, 2017, in Change Pakistan Conference held in Peshawar, they have broken the news that they will soon start operations formally and completely in Peshawar Insha Allah.
According to reports, this is just the first step towards Vheelz becoming a national phenomenon with launches in multiple cities planned within this year and the ones immediately following.
Here’s wishing them the best for all their future endeavors in their mission to make Pakistan problem free and providing people of Pakistan easy access to affordable transport.