Vheelz Ride With the CEO!

By: Zukhraf Gull

“When you come up with an idea, you own it and you represent it from the front. Always.” This is what CEO Vheelz, Mr. Khurram Mujtaba believes in when it comes to owning your creations.

Ride With the CEO

In this very spirit, CEO Vheelz, who happens to be CEO Moftak Solutions and CEO Jumpstart Pakistan as well, will be joining the rest of his Vheelz Riders in making transport easy for everyone in Pakistan Twin Cities area this coming Monday, 20th March, 2017.

Ride With the CEO

He will be available as a Vheelz rider all Monday long with his Rider Mode on. Anyone can request to avail a ride with him and whoever’s request he accepts will not only get to ride real time with an actual CEO, their ride will also be free of cost.

Vheelz is one of his babies. He has developed it from scratch and poured his heart and soul into making it grow. This step of joining his Vheelerz in real time is his way of telling the world that when you believe in something, to make others believe in it as well, you must show them it’s brawn yourself.

Mr. Khurram Mujtaba is one of the pioneers in the field of promoting Pakistan’s own entrepreneurial model instead of copying any other existing version. He calls his version of the model, Margalla Hills Model. He believes that fresh minds and innovative ideas combined with diligent hard work is the key to a better and a more sustainable Pakistan. He has been working towards the realization of this vision for over 2 decades now.

Ride With the CEO

Join him in his venture of showing off to the world how much bringing ease and change in Pakistan means to him and how he aims on achieving this via Vheelz. Ride with THE CEO, learn while you go! 

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