The Thought behind Change Pakistan Conference 2017, Peshawar

Its 14 days to go for 2017’s first Change Pakistan Conference, hosted by JumpStart Pakistan at Nishtar Hall, Peshawar. It is a 1 day action packed conference involving CEO’s from known companies among other dignitaries prepped and ready to share their success stories and keys to glory with a crowd of minds eager to learn.

promote entrepreneurship

The basic theme of the conference revolves around the answer to the following 5 questions.

 1. What Entrepreneurial ecosystem is best for Pakistan? 

Pakistan is a developing country. Opting for an already existing model applicable in developed countries is not an option that can work.

A detailed discussion on this topic will be held in order to educate the youth about what ecosystem and model is suited best for Pakistan and why.         

2. Why greenhouse approach is better than startup incubators?

JumpStart Pakistan has always been of the opinion that incubators are a compromised means towards mentoring and growing any startup. Initial hand holding is always required for an idea to blossom into something tangible.

Under this point of the CPC 2017 theme, we shall discuss why JumpStart Pakistan has always promoted this thought.           

3. How will entrepreneurship change Pakistan?  

Since a few years now, debates have made rounds that entrepreneurship is the key to a stable Pakistan. Jobs are no longer enough to pull us through, we need a strong entrepreneurial skeleton to make it through the hard times.

Under this point we explore exactly how entrepreneurship will be Pakistan’s saving grace.

4. How technology is helping shape the future in Pakistan? 

Not just in Pakistan, technology has taken over all around the world. From serving food all the way up to intricate brain surgeries, robots are doing everything.

Under this point, we look into how this rise in technology can be used at its best in order to solve problems in Pakistan.          

5. Focused discussions on IoT, Virtual Reality, and Big data.

This is an offshoot of the previous point as IoT, Virtual Reality and Big Data are the rising trends in the technological surge in the world nowadays.

Detailed discussions on these have been included in the conference theme just so a general awareness can be created regarding these topics and also to help indulge people in these fields so more and more people can research on these and make them available in Pakistan just like the rest of the world.


If even any one of these questions have ever risen in your minds and you’re looking for answers, register now! You might miss this chance and not get any like it ever again.