Successful road shows for Change Pakistan Conference Peshawar

Yesterday, on March 15th 2017, JumpStart Pakistan conducted 3 Roadshows in 3 different universities of Peshawar. These roadshows were made happen for the core reason of answering questions about what Change Pakistan Conference 2017 is, what every attendee should expect out of it and why you should attend it if you haven’t already decided to participate. 

1. CECOS University Peshawar

Roadshows | Jumpstart Pakistan

The first roadshow of the day was held in CECOS University, where Mr. Khurram Mujtaba, CEO JumpStart Pakistan, addressed the audience and explained what JumpStart Pakistan is and why they do what they do. Fresh minds with out of the box ideas were present in the crowd who got a chance to get their questions answered by people who have been in the game for decades. One of the question that many people had was “What if my idea gets stolen?” to which the CEO replied “It’s not the idea that matters, it’s the execution.”

2. City University Peshawar

Roadshows | Jumpstart Pakistan

Next stop was City University. The students there had amazing zeal and interest towards learning how to become part of a bigger picture and how to aid in making Pakistan a better place for businesses to grow in. Senior The entire Startup City Peshawar team was present to create awareness about the general cause behind Change Pakistan Conference 2017 and what Startup City’s Peshawar Chapter is up to this year. Mr. Khurram Mujtaba motivated the audience by his experiences in the entrepreneurial journey.

3. Abasyn University 


The team then left for their next and final roadshow stop, Abasyn University Peshawar. The interest and response of the students was overwhelming. The spirit in them to make things better by playing their part was amazingly promising. The team had a great time answering all the questions of the future entrepreneurs of Pakistan. A formal meet-up with all the Peshawar based startups so far that are going to pitch their ideas in CPC17 was arranged after the third roadshow so that their confusions can also be cleared.

startups in pakistan

For further details, pictures and videos on how the events went, visit the JSP Facebook page.  

Anyone who wishes to see their startup prosper and wants to avail the right kind of help and opportunities would not want to miss pitching in Change Pakistan Conference 2017 Peshawar. Register your startup now!