Shepherd’s Pie Season 3 | That’s a Wrap | Thank You Pakistan!

JumpStart Pakistan is proud and humbled to announce that Shepherd’s Pie Season 3, 2017 has officially been wrapped. It was a bumpy and tough ride but it has been completed with Allah Pak’s immense grace.

7 cities, 8 events, with one ultimate winner.

  1. Peshawar
  2. Islamabad
  3. Abbottabad
  4. Karachi
  5. Quetta
  6. Faisalabad
  7. Lahore

2 Change Pakistan Conferences (Peshawar & Karachi), 7 Shepherd’s Pie Episodes (1 in each city) and one Shepherd’s Pie Season Finale alongside SeedStars World Pakistan Regional 2017.

thanku blog pic season completion

Shepherd’s Pie went to 7 cities in hunt of the top most promising startups from every one of them. An average of 8 startups competed from every city with 2 winners chosen from each city for the pre finale boot camp and then the finale in Lahore.

After the entire country wide hunt, with 14 startups in the arsenal, the finale was staged on the 14th of October, 2017 in PLANX, Arfa Tower Lahore.

With the SeedStars Team and a star studded Jury Panel, all startups pitched and answered questions and ultimately one startup, NEUROSTIC (from Islamabad) was announced victorious.

Neurostic not only won the Shepherd’s Pie Season 3, they also won the SeedStars Pakistan Regional 2017 and will be Inshallah representing Pakistan in seedstarssummit* Switzerland, 2017.

We congratulate Neurostic once again for being able to solve a problem of Pakistan and to reach a level where they will be representing the startup talent of Pakistan on International Forums.

That’s a wrap for now but the future holds A LOT more than what has been done by now. Shepherd’s Pie Season 4 is already in the making. The number of cities will be 12+ Inshallah so that even the most remote cities are touched and the most hidden startup talent is also given the mainstream. Some of the named additions include

  1. Multan
  2. Sialkot
  3. Gujaranwala
  4. Gilgit, Baltistan

Others will be opened as the calendar progresses. Stay tuned with us for more and keep in tight track.

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