How to Score a Good Mentor for your StartUp

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The basic step towards entrepreneurship is an idea. Once you have hatched an idea, you’ve already crossed the first milestone of your journey towards becoming an entrepreneur. However, startup ideas are just the 1st step, no doubt the most important one, but still just one step. The whole road still lies ahead. In order to transform your idea into a working startup business successfully, you require help from people who have already been there. The people normally called “Mentors”.
Now, there are multiple ways you can score yourself a mentor who can actually help you in the right direction.

Mentoring Programs

There are many organizations as well as individuals who have developed and are running proper registered mentoring programs. All you need to do is sign up with them and the process of mentoring starts. There are multiple organizations like such all around the globe, for example, incubation centers provide these facilities. You can not only get your startup incubated but at the same time can avail a one on one mentor.

Pitching Platforms or Competitions

All around the world startup idea investment scoring competitions like Dragon’s Den, Shark Tank, seedstarsummit*, Shepherd’s Pie etc. are organized where startups come to pitch their innovations in front of a panel of potential investors who not only invest but also offer guidelines to how you can shape and successfully launch your startups.
The organizations that arrange these competitions have their own network of investors and mentors and once you participate with them in any of their events, you are allowed access to those networks and hence a chance at scoring yourself a very effectively skilled mentor.

Personal Connections & Networking

Another way you can find a good mentor is if you have the right company and connections you hang out with. If you roll well within a good circle of current or aspiring entrepreneurs, you’re most likely to find a good mentor on your own.

One thing we don’t usually consider is that one does not always need a one on one formally assigned or found mentor. The core motive of mentoring is learning and that is an ongoing process. You can extract good mentorship and mentoring tips from anyone around you as long as you’re open to learning and are striving to make your idea better.