Pitch Your StartUp in Shepherd’s Pie Abbottabad 2017

By: Zukhraf Gull

Shepherd’s Pie is JumpStart Pakistan’s flagship event where they make startups from all over Pakistan meet and pitch their ideas in front of a Shepherds’ Panel and have a chance of getting their startups funded. 2 winners are picked from every city’s episode and by the end of the year, all city winners compete in Shepherd’s Pie Finale from where the winner gets to compete in seedstarssummit* in Switzerland. Two startups DoctHers and TAME have already qualified for seedstarssummit* from under Shepherd’s Pie’s banner.

Biggest Entrepreneurial Conference

Shepherd’s Pie 2017 is bringing their 3rd episode for the running year to Abbottabad in July. It’s time for startups from Abbottabad to make their mark on national and international platforms.
One would now ask, why pitch in Shepherd’s Pie Abbottabad? Here’s a list to a few reasons. 

1. Access to International Platforms

Every startup that gets to pitch under Shepherd’s Pie Abbottabad’s platform gets access to not only the national panel of investors who are in JumpStart’s affiliations, but also to the international ones via livestream and the SeedStarsWorld Network.

2. Free Access to All Events throughout the Year

Once you become a startup member in Shepherd’s Pie Abbottabad 2017, you automatically are eligible for all other events that will be happening under JumpStart in the coming calendar year, totally free of any additional cost.

3. Co-working at LaunchPad7

All startup members from Shepherd’s Pie Abbottabad 2017 will get a chance to win a free co-working year at LaunchPad7 if they can convince only 1 of our shepherds and can also avail discounted rates to run operations from LaunchPad7.

4. Infinite Corporate Connections

All startups who become members with JSP via Shepherd’s Pie Abbottabad 2017 will be introduced to the entire JumpStart’s Corporate Network that includes CEOs, investors, academia leaders and other dignitaries who can help the startups shape themselves for success.
Also, they get to be a part of all year long meetups and boot camps that are arranged specially for startup members where they get to meet said dignitaries in real time and learn from them face to face.

5. Year Long Publicity Via Multiple Platforms

All startup members are put up on our official website and are publicized not only as JSP members but also as a startup idea to watch out for.
Become a member now, register your startup with Shepherd’s Pie Abbottabad 2017 and not only avail all these amazing benefits, but also get a chance to make Pakistan proud on international platforms.