A New Year | New Resolutions | New Opportunities | New Memberships

The New Year is almost upon us. It’s that time of the year again when we start planning ahead. When we start making resolutions and promises about what we’ll change in ourselves and our lives for the coming year. This time, let’s make those resolutions aim a little higher, a little bigger!

This year, let’s include our country and its future in our resolutions. Let’s promise ourselves that this year, we won’t just focus on losing weight and finding the right partner, we’ll focus on making our country a better and safer place to live in.

We at JumpStart Pakistan have made this very task our resolution for the previous 3 years now. We have been working days in and out on making Pakistan, our homeland, a better and more sustainable place for our own generations to live and thrive in. We’ve made it our mission to take Pakistan to the heights that we dream of seeing it on.

We know we know… We admit that it’s not a one-day or one year or even one decade’s work. This will take time and undying effort. And for that, we’ve chosen a path that is even tougher as its still under work itself. We’ve picked ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

Entrepreneurship is the only way we see strong enough to hold the country together in the future and hence we’ve directed our efforts onto this path. But, we’re not alone. We have people like you and their dedication to keep the aim going and growing. We call them the JSP Members’ Network.

new year - new res - new mem

The Membership Plans were created and launched only to enable more and more patriots and enthusiasts in joining our crusade and to make JSP an open platform for whoever wishes to contribute to the country. There are multiple types of memberships and roles to fill in. You can choose the way you wish to collaborate with us.

The memberships for 2018 will be open shortly and will be valid through the entire coming year. Alongside the satisfaction of helping build your homeland, you get to avail amazing incentives all through the year and can always renew for any number of years to come.

The details of the Membership plans and their incentives are available on the link below.


Stay tuned for further details via our Website and Facebook Page, the applications will be open for public soon!