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Change Pakistan Conference 2017

Change Pakistan Conference  Peshawar 2017, is a 1 day event where Pakistan’s budding startups will be aided in meeting people who can help them shape their idea for the better. People like CEOs of known companies, Investors, mentors, motivators and other dignitaries from fields of academia will be joining and lending their expertise in educating the youth of Pakistan about entrepreneurship and its importance.
A 40 Stall Expo will be organized in order to put on display the innovations and achievements of budding entrepreneurs. The central theme of the conference is:

  • What Entrepreneurial ecosystem is best for Pakistan? 
  • Why greenhouse approach is better than startup incubators? 
  • How will entrepreneurship change Pakistan? 
  • How technology is helping shape the future in Pakistan? 
  • Focused discussions on IoT, Virtual Reality, and Big data.

It is a “no miss” opportunity for anyone who wants to have hands on experience on how to tackle an entrepreneurial venture in its starting stages.
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