JumpStart Pakistan Boot Camp 2017 | The Final Drill

JumpStart Pakistan has a tradition of conducting a Pre Shepherd’s Pie Finale Training Boot Camp every year, where all winning startups from every city are gathered and given a concentrated platform of constant mentoring and refining of their final pitches.

The same tradition was replicated this year as well when 12 winning startups from 6 cities were gathered in Islamabad for the JumpStart Pakistan Boot Camp 2017.

It was a 3 day boot camp, with day 1 and 3 indoors while day 2 was outdoors. Teams were gathered here on October 10th breakfast time and were given living and dining access alongside the mentoring and teaching part.

bootcamp blog pic

Day One began with breakfast. Sessions were arranged back to back. First up was the introduction session where everyone introduced their ideas. Then there were sessions by people like

  1. Mr. Barkan Saeed (President Pasha)
  2. Mr. Imtinan Ahmed (Managing Partner DSI Consulting Worldwide)
  3. Mr. Khurram Nadeem (15+ years of experience in Commercial and Strategic Planning)
  4. Mr. Muazzam Arsalan (CEO Alfoze Technologies)

The Day 02 was outdoors. It was organized to teach the young entrepreneurs the physical part of an entrepreneur’s life. Out in the open, unlikely conditions, survival! Mr. Khurram Mujtaba (CEO JSP), Ms. Adriana Collini (Asia Associate SeedStars World) and Mr. Mohammad Ali Malik (CEO Learn for Life) accompanied the startups for constant mentoring. They spent the entire day trekking the Trail 03 of Margalla Hills, brainstorming and expanding their minds via wilderness.

Day 03 was more packed with back to back sessions and pitch rehearsals than any other.

1 on 1 mentoring, awareness sessions on SeedStars, Learning how to pitch effectively, what an investor looks for, these were some of the topics covered. People like

  1. Ms. Adriana Collini (Asia Associate SeedStars World)
  2. Ms. Sadia Malik (Inaara Impact Ventures)
  3. Mr. Abid Iqbal Khari (President Positive Pakistan)
  4. Mr. Farrukh Mahmood (CEO 11Values)
  5. Dr. Atta Ikram and many others participated.

The boot camp officially lasted till October 12th, night and then the startups were taken to Lahore for the big day, the Shepherd’s Pie Finale and the SeedStars World Pakistan Regional 2017.

We are grateful to LaunchPad7 for being such amazing hosts. We also thank all our mentors who took out the time to teach the youth of Pakistan in the right direction. This tradition would not have been carried forward this year without any of you and your indulgence.