JumpStart Pakistan Iftaar Dinner 2019










JumpStart Pakistan is an entrepreneurial movement launched in 2014 all across the country to bring a sizable change in Pakistan through entrepreneurship. We aim to solve 1500 problems of Pakistan by hand-holding young individuals / students who yearn to play their part in adding something better to a common man’s life. Jumpstart Pakistan is currently operating in 15 cities of Pakistan and 4 chapters globally and engaged with 50 + universities to establish the ecosystem of enterprise to bring economic prosperity in Pakistan. Jumpstart Pakistan has various small, medium and large scale initiatives from promoting entrepreneurship to educating startups and scaling businesses.

JumpStart Pakistan flagship conference is LIFT Pakistan Conference that is a 6 Days conference which brings together key stake-holders from Pakistan and across the globe whose stated vision is to create a robust sustainable ecosystem of enterprise for the benefit of all Pakistani’s inclusively.

Jumpstart taking its tradition of connecting startups, mentors and SMEs had arrange a Grand Iftaar Dinner in the Holy Month of Ramadan. This grand Iftaar Dinner was scheduled on 30th May, 2019 (Thursday) at LauchPad7 Islamabad. Startups Mentors and SMEs were invited from different sectors of life.

Jumpstart Iftaar Dinner successfully happened yesterday at LaunchPad7 Islamabad. People from different communities, startups and CEOs from corporate sector actively participated. The purpose of Iftaar was to bring people from different backgrounds to let them know about vision of Jumpstart Pakistan and also aware them about upcoming flag conference LIFT Pakistan 2019.

The purpose of the event was to bring People from different backgrounds and to
let them know about the vision of ‘’Jumpstart Pakistan’’ and also to aware them about our
upcoming biggest flagship activity which is Liftpakistan 2019.

We have covered the following main points from the Event.

1) Overviewed overall activities of Jumpstart Pakistan.
2) Introduced our local and global chapter heads.
3) Speech of our newly appointed Head of Global affairs and Investments Ms. Tamara Robeer .
4) Online talks of our global heads moderated by CEO Jumpstart Mr. Khurram Zuberi.
5) A very good networking sessions for Startups,.and SMEs with mentors and Forbes.

At the end of the program iftaar and dinner was served.