Green House

By: Hamza Afridi

JumpStart Pakistan is a thought, an idea, an organization with the very sole aim of changing Pakistan, helping Pakistan to get economically stable and helping people of Pakistan find their way out of unemployment. What do you say? How would they do it? Hmm, think of a solution for it yourself! What do you think is the best possible solution? Well yes, you are right! By promoting entrepreneurship all the way.

Next question that pops up in our minds is How? JumpStart Pakistan, unlike many other organizations which are somehow waving flags of the same ideology, has a different approach to it. JumpStart is not an incubator, it’s a place where ideas flourish, where the amateur entrepreneurs are provided guidance of real potential entrepreneurs, specialists. Mentors provide them all the support they practically want.

young entrepreneurs

JumpStart Pakistan, from the day it was born, has a real hard-working and potentially outstanding team working on the sole aim to make it all possible. JumpStart Pakistan’s team extends to all corners of Pakistan, showing the potential what they have got. Their dedication is self evident since they have managed to introduce the new born organization to all the nook and corners of the country and now by taking it one step further, introducing the “Green House”.

young entrepreneurs

Well, what is “Green House” anyway? Green house, in JumpStart Pakistan’s Model, is the name of the environment that a potential investor from an existing company will provide. It is from this place where the amateur companies will be nourished, taken care of and given everything which they require to grow organically.

young entrepreneurs

Moftak Solution’s first “Green House” was set up at SEECS, NUST on March 18, 2014. It is a place where you get the initials required to start a business. Not only that but it’s a place where you get constant mentor-ship round the clock. Team JumpStart, keeping itself updated of your progress, ensures that you are following the track leading to success. And wait, did I miss mentioning the comfort of an office? Oh, you definitely get the complete environment you ever dreamt of for starting your company.

Now, what are you waiting for? Do you have an idea? Do you have a product or a company that you want to upgrade to the next level? Then JumpStart Pakistan should be your next stop. In the end, always remember:

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts!”

-Sir Winston Spencer Churchill.