Fly to Switzerland with JumpStart Pakistan

Seedstarssummit* is a contest held every year in Switzerland where StartUp Teams from all around the world showcase their ideas in front of investors gathered from multiple countries in order to not only secure a wining slot and bragging rights, but also over $1 Million in investment for their business idea.

However, not everyone can get access to seedstarssummit* just like that. Seed Stars World has a set policy and criteria around which a yearlong competition is held in every country that participates in seedstarssummit*. All through the year the country conducts their native startup competition under different names for every different country and then the winners are sent to Switzerland to represent their country’s startup talent in seedstarssummit*.

Pakistan has also had the privilege of participating in seedstarssummit* for 3 years now and JumpStart Pakistan has been given the honor of holding the startup hunt in Pakistan from where the winner gets to fly to Switzerland. JumpStart has named their platform for this purpose as “Shepherd’s Pie”.

fly to switzerland

For the 3rd year now, JumpStart has conducted Shepherd’s Pie in multiple cities of Pakistan. They have given a chance to startups from every city to impress their jury and secure a spot in Shepherd’s Pie Finale, the winner from where then qualifies for seedstarssummit* Switzerland in October. DoctHERS qualified in 2015, TAME in 2016 and the 2017 hunt is ongoing as of now.

Shepherd’s Pie was held in 3 cities in 2015, 2016 covered 5 cities and 2017 is planned to be conducted in 10 cities out of which 2 have already been covered. 1st was Peshawar whose winner was Mohsin Electro Surgical and the 2nd was Islamabad with Neurostic emerged as winner.

The 3rd episode for Shepherd’s Pie 2017 is coming up on the 24th of July, 2017 in COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Abbottabad.

If you have a startup idea of your own and would like a chance to secure international connections as well as investment, sign up your startup with JumpStart Pakistan, become a startup member and get a chance to not only get local investment, but also a chance at flying to Switzerland and representing on an international level.

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