Finance for Entrepreneurs by Dr. Andrew Scheuermann | IWCCI

By Zukhraf Gull.

Today, on the 17th of July, 2017, IWCCI (Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry) in collaboration with U.S. Embassy’s Entrepreneurship Speaker Series organized a seminar on “Finance for Entrepreneurs” in FPCCI Building, Aiwan e Sanat o Tijaarat Islamabad.

Dr. Andrew Scheuermann, a recent PhD. from Stanford University, one of the lead developing participants of StartX, one of the biggest startup accelerators in the world, and himself an entrepreneur and founder of Arch, delivered the lecture.


People from all fields of work formulated the crowd. Industry, academia, aspiring entrepreneurs, struggling entrepreneurs and curious minds from all walks of life alike were present in attendance. President IWCCI Mrs. Shamim, along with President and Vice President FPCCI, Mr. Malik Sohail and Mr. Shauqat Masood were some names among the pool of chief guests.


Dr. Andrew discussed topics like

  • How to gather, manage and multiply capital?
  • What risk minimizing tactics to use?
  • How to score and capitalize on an opportunity?
  • How to reel in an investor?
  • How long and how hard you should persevere before giving up and starting over?
  • How risk and reward are directly proportional?

He quoted examples from his own experience as an entrepreneur with a high risk startup like Arch. He explained how Arch incorporated IoT into the science of water pressure measuring and sensor development and how his startup is a solution to a problem that was completely unaddressed till now.

He explained how an entrepreneur’s key character trait is resilience. How above everything else, he should be patient and ready to take failure positively and keep going.

IWCCI accomplished a very big thing by arranging this seminar. Not only did they manage to get Women Entrepreneurs in the limelight that they deserve, but also that they exposed the young entrepreneurs of Pakistan to someone who can teach them exactly how Silicon Valley is operating in today’s time and what we need to learn from it without copying it blindly.



JumpStart Pakistan is thankful for the invitation and would like to commend IWCCI’s efforts for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. More power to them. May we realize our dream of Changing Pakistan through Entrepreneurship and may we keep helping each other along the way. Pakistan Pa’indabad!