Dinner With A CEO – Connect, Discuss, Grow – Informal Mentorship over a Dinner

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—-3 startups, 1 CEO – informal meetup, dinner and a lot of productive mentorship—-

JumpStart has always taken a step forward to help startups solving their problems, growing and reaching to the market through different mentorships, meetups, networking and gatherings.

Following the same tradition this time we took an initiative named “Dinner with a CEO”. Where 3 startups are selected to have one on one mentorship and informal discussion and suggestions over a dinner.

1st dinner with the CEO was held on December 18th, 2015, where Cykiq, Gif Sports and Political Pakistan had an opportunity to meet Mr. Umer Arif CEO Gatelogix, member board of advisors of Jumpstart Pakistan and a seasoned entrepreneur @ LaunchPad7, one of its own kind of non-officy yet fully equipped co-working space in Rawalpindi.

The meetup lasted for 3 hours from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM with 2 hours of mentorship and one hour of dinner session. At the end the startups had an ending note from the CEO and were fully satisfied with what they got.

We are heading towards many entrepreneurial events and sessions about which we will update timely.