Why Should You Attend Shepherd’s Pie Abbottabad 2017

By: Zukhraf Gull

JumpStart Pakistan is bringing their core initiative Shepherd’s Pie to Abbottabad. The 3rd episode of Shepherd’s Pie 2017 is to be conducted in the month of July in Abbottabad.
Now the question is, “Why should you attend Shepherd’s Pie Abbottabad 2017”? Let me give you a few reasons why.

Biggest Entrepreneurial Conference

1. Networking Opportunity

JumpStart Pakistan has an immensely developed network of local and international investors, academia leaders, CEOs of renowned companies and other influential people who gather under one roof for all JumpStart events. If you’re looking to make connections among people who matter, Shepherd’s Pie Abbottabad 2017 is your jackpot.

2. Real Time Learning

10 selected startups will be pitching their ideas in front of a Shepherds/Investors Panel and the shepherds will be asking them questions about how they wish to take their idea further. If you have an entrepreneurial mind and wish to one day be an entrepreneur yourself, this is an “all you can learn” buffet.

3. Setting Grounds for your Own Startup

If you have your own startup that you feel is not ready for pitching yet, you most definitely should attend Shepherd’s Pie Abbottabad 2017. Get a knowhow about how startups are pitching and what our shepherds are asking them so you get a picture on how to prepare yourself for the next step. Shepherd’s Pie events are conducted throughout Pakistan all year long. You can register your startup in any other event in the future and get an opportunity to pitch there and then.

4. Certification

We believe in giving value to every single member of our JSP Family. So everyone who attends any of our events gets to take back a token of our acknowledgment that we value their role in our mission in the form of a certificate of participation. Shepherd’s Pie Abbottabad 2017 is no exception. Everyone at SPATD17 will Inshallah be receiving a participation certificate.

5. Just a day of Fun

Not everyone has ulterior motives. If you just want a day of fun with friends, a good location, a delicious lunch, join JSP at Shepherd’s Pie Abbottabad 2017 and just treat yourself to a day of extracurricular fun.
If you find any of these reasons good enough for you, register below and stay in touch. We shall be honored to host you and help you draw what you want from Shepherd’s Pie Abbottabad 2017.