7 Reasons to Pitch Your Startup Idea in Shepherd’s Pie Season III, 2017

By: Zukhraf Gull

In the world today, we see opportunity everywhere we go. But how to pick the best one and how to incur maximum benefit out of it? That’s the real question. Not every opportunity that presents itself is worth the effort. While some are the ones which you just CANNOT afford to miss. JumpStart Pakistan’s Shepherd’s Pie is one of those un-miss-able ones!

Shepherd’s Pie Season

Since we’re humans and we need assurance of some form before we make a decision, here are 7 reasons why you shouldn’t miss pitching your idea in Shepherd’s Pie season III 2017. 

1. Money! 

Opportunity to get funded by Local Investors.

Shepherd’s Pie Season

2. Go International

Top 2 startups will be selected for SeedStarsWorld regional event.

Shepherd’s Pie Season

3. One’s Got To Eat

High profile networking lunch on the event day.

Shepherd’s Pie Season

4. Make Connections

Meet top Investors, network with people who can help.

Shepherd’s Pie Season

5. Get Noticed

Startup priority listing on Jumpstart’s website portal.

Shepherd’s Pie Season

6. Co-Work at LaunchPad7

1 year long Incubation at LaunchPad7 for the top 7 from the final event if you are able to convince one of the Shepherds to invest in your startup.



7. Dream & Achieve

All you need to do is dream, hatch an idea and come pitch it. Shepherd’s Pie will do the rest.

Shepherd’s Pie Season

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