5 Pakistani Startups that Made a Mark in 2016

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Even with being a tiny little country on the huge world map, Pakistan is never too far behind in anything that is happening in the world. That includes creative ideas and innovations as well. Pakistan has always been rich of talent and genius minds and lately that has been put to display for the whole world to see using a phenomenon called entrepreneurship and the startup culture.
One after another, 2016 was a year filled with prominent and one of their kind Pakistani startups emerging and making a name for themselves and their country in the international markets. A few examples are as follows.

Slide is Pakistan’s first lock screen application. The difference between Slide and other lock screen apps is the fact that it pays you cellular recharge when you click and read the featured add content. An even more unique feature is that you get to choose the category for which content you want to read.
With Slide, you get smartphone security, you get to choose what add content you want to see and while doing that, you get paid in return.
Courtesy their out of the box idea, Slide has already made big in the investment grabbing circuit. Right now, they stand on already having scored $4.6 Million in investment from multiple sources.

Smart Devices
Smart Devices is a solution to conventional day to day devices that need manual physical handling in homes and cannot be controlled if not present in the immediate vicinity. They manufacture devices that are wifi driven and can be controlled from anywhere with an internet connection. They have developed android and web apps along with a cloud network to keep all things synced and connected.
Being one of the pioneers of IoT based startups in Pakistan, they are nominated for World Summit Award (WSA) this year and have already won an IoT award in Telenor’s IoT Expo.

Find My Adventure
Find my Adventure is Pakistan’s take on making tourism digital. It is a fully loaded web portal that has its own defined collection of pre-planned trips as well as an option of customized trips where anyone can create their own trip while having everything they need to do so also present within the same portal.
Find my Adventure has already developed its grip on a loyal user base with having 400 people register on their website every day.

Wonder Tree
Taking on themselves the sensitive topic of differently-abled children and their education, the minds behind WonderTree have indeed created a wonder by developing games based on the principle of augmented reality that help the mental and physical growth of said special children.
Since they’re the first people to ever even try something like this, they have been turning heads towards them wherever they go. They have already won two big competitions in GIST TECH 1 Stanford University and Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards (APITCA).

Mandi Express
Agriculture and its products serve as the backbone to Pakistan’s economy. And to have Pakistanis not being able to access their own country’s crown produce is a crime against nature and the farmer’s hard work. To solve this issue, mainly for the urban areas, Mandi Express is a startup idea that connects buyers to nearby farmers and gives them access to fresh produce along with a list of categories they can choose from. No need to fuss over lack of reach or ripper middle men, you now have the freshest produce just a few clicks away.
With their creative idea, Mandi Express won hearts and awards at APICTA Awards and hasn’t stopped growing ever since.

Pakistan has shown its might in the field of startup stories in 2016 and continues the run in 2017 as well. Here’s praying the graph goes on increasing and that we keep hearing success stories from Pakistani Startup Companies on national and international grounds making the homeland prouder and prouder every passing day.