10 Surefire Signs you’re an Entrepreneur

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Not everyone is cut from the same cloth, not everyone is happy being the boss’s punching bag. Some people are born rebels and there are signs that tell if you’re one of them.

1. Confidence

It takes confidence bordering sheer guts to think and then execute different than the rest of the world

2. Persistence

Entrepreneurship is synonymous to repetitive failure in its initial phases. Exhaustive brute force is the way to success in entrepreneurship. If your heart breaks easy, you’re not an entrepreneur.

3. No Love For Sleep

Sleep is for dreamers, not for achievers. If you have the same opinion, you need to quit your job and embark on your entrepreneurial journey now!

4. Unusual Approach

You have an unusual mind, you think outside the norms of the time, you find satisfaction in doing something no one else is doing, and being told what to do is not your thing. You’re definitely an entrepreneur inside.

5. Leader’s Mindset

You’re comfortable with bringing the best out of people. People look up to you to show them the way. That means you’re a leader of the pack, you’re not a follower.

6. Initiator

You have a totally proactive approach. You find solutions and you make them happen. That makes you an initiator which happens to be one key trait for a successful entrepreneur.

7. The Power to Fit In

To success in any venture, adaptability is the key. If you feel you can fit into half of your own comfort zone, you’re already set to become an entrepreneur.

8. Interest in New Findings

Your brain is never sated with the information it has. You look for roots and reasons in everything. People find your eye for detail irritating. That’s another sign you’ll go big in the business world.

9. Fearlessness

The fear of loss and failure is unknown to an achieving mind. If you’re your circle’s daredevil and never back up from a challenge, you’re an entrepreneur in the making.

10. Relentlessness

Consideration for adversities is not the way you build a successful business empire. You hit frequent and you hit hard. You go in and don’t come out without what you want. That’s relentlessness, another sign you are an entrepreneur for sure.
If you have any of these traits and are wondering why you’re unhappy with your job and your boss, that’s mainly because you’re not an employee, you’re a self-starter, a self-sustainer, in general, you’re an entrepreneur.