Soft Launch LIFT’19

    LIFT Pakistan Conference is a 6 Days conference that brings together key stake holders from Pakistan and across the globe whose stated vision is to create a robust sustainable ecosystem of enterprise... more »

Leader’s Track

  Entrepreneurs are born with great enthusiasm and high ambitions; all they need is the right direction. Jumpstart Pakistan successfully conducted an event “The Leaders Track” at trail 5 Margalla Hills Islamabad. The main... more »

Startup 10 10 10

  Startup 10 10 10  happened successfully on 14 March 2019 at Launchpad7 Rawalpindi. Ten different startups participated in the event and all the startups got mentorship of all the Ten CEOs individually about... more »

Entrepreneurship in Islam

      A houseful workshop is recently done on “Entrepreneurship in Islam” by Raja Zia Ul Haq at LaunchPad7. He is very renowned motivational speaker, Life coach and CEO of Youth Club. He... more »

Jumpstart Pakistan Leader’s Track

Entrepreneurs are born with great enthusiasm and high ambitions; all they need is the right direction. Leaders Track Powered by Jumpstart Pakistan welcomes you to become the part of this mentoring program to enhance... more »

Entrepreneurship in Islam

    Entrepreneurship in Islam Entrepreneurship is in fact is part of Islamic culture and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions are examples of this. There are lot of Muslims that are successful entrepreneurs... more »

Dinner with CEO

Jumpstart Pakistan – an initiative through which you can play your part in changing Pakistan. If you want to be part of this initiative, our only requirement is for you to have an Entrepreneurial... more »

Dinner with CEO

Jumpstart Pakistan – an initiative through which you can play your part in changing Pakistan. If you want to be part of this initiative, our only requirement is for you to have an Entrepreneurial... more »

The Body Achieves What the Mind Believes! Believe that Diabetes Needs Special Attention

    Jumpstart Pakistan is going to arrange a workshop on "The Body Achieves What the Mind Believes! Believe that Diabetes Needs Special Attention" at  LunchPad7  this saturday. We are proud to have Dr... more »

LIFT Pakistan- A New Journey Starts Here!

Stronger Together, Building a Nation Its 2018, we foresee Pakistan as the innovation and technology hub but vision is not enough, it is time to take action. LIFT Pakistan week 2018 is a mega 6-days... more »

JumpStart Shepherd Pie Season 4 to Take Place in Karachi

Karachi, known as the City of Lights, Jinnah’s Birthplace and Hub for biggest companies with global market share, is a place where opportunity has no boundaries. This September, Jumpstart Pakistan is coming to Karachi with... more »

Shepherd’s Pie 2018 | Faisalabad

    Faisalabad, known as, Textile hub has industrialist and textile owners whose exports are world-famous. This September, Jumpstart Pakistan is coming to Faisalabad with Shepherd Pie Season 4- where startups get funded to... more »

Shepherd’s Pie 2018 | Abbottabad

After Hyderabad, Islamabad, Gujranwala and recently Gujrat it’s now time for Abbottabad to join the Entrepreneurial Revolution. It’s time to make Abbottabad a Startup City. This June, JumpStart Pakistan is bringing Shepherd’s Pie 2018... more »

How startup shepherd match making made Shazday Fruits successful

When we hear or read about startups, new and out of this world technology fills up the space. Companies like Uber, Airbnb, technology like artificial intelligence and e-commerce make the headlines. All this is... more »

Shepherd’s Pie 2018 | Next Up? Gujrat!

After Hyderabad, Islamabad and recently Gujranwala, it’s now time for Gujrat to join the Entrepreneurial Revolution. It’s time to make Gujrat a Startup City.   This May, JumpStart Pakistan is bringing Shepherd’s Pie 2018... more »


One of the hardest parts of starting a new business is getting it off the ground. Raising startup funds, learning the ropes and finding those first few customers is not easy. Success takes hard... more »

JumpStart Pakistan Shepherds PIE Season IV Launch

Shepherds Pie Season IV by JumpStart Pakistan has already knocked the door and this is the time for change makers like you who are passionate about their ideas and trying to make it happen.... more »

A New Year | New Resolutions | New Opportunities | New Memberships

The New Year is almost upon us. It’s that time of the year again when we start planning ahead. When we start making resolutions and promises about what we’ll change in ourselves and our... more »

Shepherd’s Pie Season 3 | That’s a Wrap | Thank You Pakistan!

JumpStart Pakistan is proud and humbled to announce that Shepherd’s Pie Season 3, 2017 has officially been wrapped. It was a bumpy and tough ride but it has been completed with Allah Pak’s immense... more »

Shepherd’s Pie Lahore 2017

After covering the Pakistan map, one city at a time, the last stop for Shepherd’s Pie Season 3 was Lahore. On October 14th, 2017, PLANX hosted the final episode of Season 3. 10 startups... more »

JumpStart Pakistan Boot Camp 2017 | The Final Drill

JumpStart Pakistan has a tradition of conducting a Pre Shepherd’s Pie Finale Training Boot Camp every year, where all winning startups from every city are gathered and given a concentrated platform of constant mentoring... more »

Shepherd’s Pie Faisalabad 2017

FAST NU Chiniot-Faisalabad Campus bore witness to the grandeur of Shepherd’s Pie Faisalabad this year. JumpStart Pakistan set the stage in FAST NU Auditorium to search for the biggest, most promising startups of 2017... more »

CPCKhi17 | International Investors Traveling to Pakistan

Dear People of Karachi! You’re in Luck. JumpStart Pakistan is bringing Change Pakistan Conference, one of their crown initiatives, to Karachi this year. Startup Ideas from all over Karachi are going to be given... more »

Supporting Partners in BizPlan Challenge, Sialkot

JumpStart Pakistan is partnering up with an initiative called BizPlan Challenge that is going to be held on 26th and 27th of August (Saturday and Sunday) between 9 am and 7 pm in University... more »

Live Independence Celebration @ LaunchPad7

JumpStart Pakistan treated all members and fellow companies, Moftak Solutions and Vheelz, with a grand scale Independence Celebration yesterday on 14th of August, 2017. The 70th independence was celebrated with the core passion of... more »

Seed Stars World Pakistan’s Regional Finale 2017 | Date Announced!

Seed Stars World has declared the date for the Pakistan Regional Finale for 2017 open and the stage will be set on the 14th of October, 2017! A grand jury comprising both Pakistani and... more »

Shepherd’s Pie 2017 | Next Up? Sargodha!

After Peshawar, Islamabad and recently Abbottabad, it’s now time for Sargodha to join the Entrepreneurial Revolution. It’s time to make Sargodha a Startup City. This September, JumpStart Pakistan is bringing Shepherd’s Pie 2017 to... more »

Shepherd’s Pie Abbottabad 2017 | Congratulations Winners!

On July 24th 2017, JumpStart Pakistan hosted Shepherd’s Pie Abbottabad 2017 in COMSATS Institute of IT, Abbottabad. It was a grand spectacle of the power of Startups in Pakistan. Speakers from different cities shared... more »

Finance for Entrepreneurs by Dr. Andrew Scheuermann | IWCCI

By Zukhraf Gull. Today, on the 17th of July, 2017, IWCCI (Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry) in collaboration with U.S. Embassy’s Entrepreneurship Speaker Series organized a seminar on “Finance for Entrepreneurs” in... more »

Shepherd’s Pie Abbottabad 2017 | Mark Your Calendar

Shepherd’s Pie Season III 2017 is coming to Abbottabad on the 24th of July, 2017 with their Episode 3 that will be conducted in COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Abbottabad. This is a no-miss... more »

Fly to Switzerland with JumpStart Pakistan

Seedstarssummit* is a contest held every year in Switzerland where StartUp Teams from all around the world showcase their ideas in front of investors gathered from multiple countries in order to not only secure... more »

Shepherd’s Pie Abbottabad 2017 | Attendee Packages

JumpStart Pakistan’s Shepherd’s Pie 2017 is coming to Abbottabad. This is a golden chance for startups and aspiring business people to pitch their ideas in front of Local & International investors called Shepherds. A... more »

Shepherds & Startups Iftaar Meet Up 2017 | Sheer Spectacle

This past Saturday, on June 17th, 2017, JumptStart Pakistan as per tradition hosted “Shepherds & Startups Iftaar Meet Up 2017”. Startup members from the JSP network along with shepherds, mentors and VIP guests attended... more »

Shepherd’s Pie Abbottabad 2017 | You’re Invited

By: Zukhraf Gull On July 15th, 2017, Shepherd’s Pie 2017 is coming to Jalal Baba Auditorium Abbottabad and everyone with an entrepreneurial mind is invited. JumpStart Pakistan in collaboration with Startup City Abbottabad will... more »

StartUp & Shepherd Iftaar Meet Up | You’re Invited

By: Zukhraf Gull As per tradition, JumpStart Pakistan is celebrating “Startup & Shepherd Iftaar Meet Up” this Saturday, on 17th of June, 2017. The meet up is scheduled to take place between 5:00 pm... more »

Vheelz, the Story

By: Zukhraf Gull In times like today, when traffic is one of the biggest havocs one could face, unruly traffic, over crowdedness, narrowing of roads, there are just some of the problems being faced... more »

Who is a Shepherd?

By: Zukhraf Gull Naturally you’d ask what a Shepherd has to do with Entrepreneurship. We, at JumpStart Pakistan have given a new meaning to this word. A Shepherd is basically a person who is... more »

Pitch Your StartUp in Shepherd’s Pie Abbottabad 2017

By: Zukhraf Gull Shepherd’s Pie is JumpStart Pakistan’s flagship event where they make startups from all over Pakistan meet and pitch their ideas in front of a Shepherds’ Panel and have a chance of... more »

Why Should You Attend Shepherd’s Pie Abbottabad 2017

By: Zukhraf Gull JumpStart Pakistan is bringing their core initiative Shepherd’s Pie to Abbottabad. The 3rd episode of Shepherd’s Pie 2017 is to be conducted in the month of July in Abbottabad. Now the... more »

JumpStart Pakistan, Making Abbottabad a StartUp City

By: Zukhraf Gull StartUp City is an initiative by JumpStart Pakistan where they have taken it upon themselves to turn every city of Pakistan into an independent StartUp City fully capable of contributing into... more »

How to Score a Good Mentor for your StartUp

The basic step towards entrepreneurship is an idea. Once you have hatched an idea, you’ve already crossed the first milestone of your journey towards becoming an entrepreneur. However, startup ideas are just the 1st... more »

10 Surefire Signs you’re an Entrepreneur

Not everyone is cut from the same cloth, not everyone is happy being the boss’s punching bag. Some people are born rebels and there are signs that tell if you’re one of them. 1.... more »

Motivating Pakistan’s Youth | UCP & JumpStart Pakistan Join Hands

JumpStart Pakistan has always believed in youth being the key to Pakistan’s stability and long term success. This is why they have always made special efforts in educating and motivating the youth of Pakistan... more »

Shepherd’s Pie 2017 is coming to Abbottabad!

After successful runs in Peshawar as part of Change Pakistan Conference 2017 and Islamabad as Shepherd’s Pie Islamabad 2017, Abbottabad has been chosen as its next landing pad for JumpStart Pakistan’s Shepherd’s Pie 2017.... more »

5 Pakistani Startups that Made a Mark in 2016

Even with being a tiny little country on the huge world map, Pakistan is never too far behind in anything that is happening in the world. That includes creative ideas and innovations as well.... more »

Shepherd’s Pie Islamabad 2017 | Celebrating Entrepreneurship

On 11th May 2017, JumpStart Pakistan conducted Shepherd’s Pie Islamabad 2017 in Bahria University Islamabad. Just like every other Shepherd’s Pie episode, this one also focused on celebrating startups, innovations and in return entrepreneurship.... more »

Shepherd’s Pie 2017 | Islamabad Chapter Successfully Closed

JumpStart Pakistan is three years in to conducting Shepherd’s Pie now. 2017 marks Season 3 to this initiative by JSP and is only just getting geared up. This Thursday, 11th of May, 2017, Bahria... more »

Shepherd’s Pie Islamabad 2017 | 2 Days to Go

One of the biggest startup investment scoring platform from Twin Cities Pakistan is about to hit Islamabad in just 2 days. Shepherd’s Pie Season 3 Episode 2 will be happening in Bahria University Islamabad... more »

Shepherd’s Pie Islamabad 2017 | You Are Invited

JumpStart Pakistan is organizing an event called Shepherd’s Pie Season 3 Episode 2 Islamabad 2017, on Thursday, 11th of May, 2017 in Bahria University Islamabad between 10 am and 5 pm. Shepherd’s Pie is... more »

How to Overcome the Fear of Starting your own Business

By: Zukhraf Gull Entrepreneurship, in general, is a very huge and fearsome term. Especially for people who are entrepreneurs at heart but employees by profession. To leave a settled job and take a blind-sided... more »

Shepherd’s Pie Season ||| Is Coming To Islamabad

JumpStart Pakistan strives to create entrepreneurial mindset, promote startups and connect them with mentors and investors through our flagship Shepherd’s Pie event.  JumpStart Pakistan’s “Shepherd’s Pie” is an annual startup idea investment season following... more »

JumpStart Pakistan and Invent17 Join Hands

Invent’17 – The Entrepreneurial Change is a 2 day event organized by INVENT-The Entrepreneurial Challenge at IBA Karachi. It is an opportunity for startups and people with entrepreneurial minds to get a hands on... more »

Change Pakistan Conference 2017 Peshawar | Panel Discussion

By: Zukhraf Gull JumpStart Pakistan’s Change Pakistan Conference 2017 Peshawar turned out to be a phenomenon of epic proportions. People from all over the city gathered in abundance. Students and professionals alike, all hung... more »

Change Pakistan Conference Peshawar 2017 Highlights

By: Zukhraf Gull Jumpstart Pakistan has always strived to “Change Pakistan through Entrepreneurship” and they stood true to their mission yet again in the form of Change Pakistan Conference 2017 Peshawar. Change Pakistan Conference 2017... more »

Register Now. Don’t Regret. Just 5 Days To Go

Mark your calendar for 28th March, 2017, Tuesday. Change Pakistan Conference is coming to Peshawar. Gear up and attend the most innovative and informative idea of a conference on entrepreneurship in Peshawar this year.... more »

Change Pakistan Conference 2017 Peshawar Date & Venue

Change Pakistan Conference 2017 Peshawar will be happening on March 28th, 2017 at Shiraz Arena in Dean's Trade Centre, Peshawar. Shiraz Arena is located in Dean’s Trade Center, the hub of Peshawar and has... more »

Vheelz Ride With the CEO!

By: Zukhraf Gull “When you come up with an idea, you own it and you represent it from the front. Always.” This is what CEO Vheelz, Mr. Khurram Mujtaba believes in when it comes to... more »

10 Days To Go For Pakistan’s Biggest Entrepreneurial Conference

Change Pakistan Conference 2017 is going to be conducted on 28th March in Shiraz Arena Peshawar. It is an initiative by JumpStart Pakistan taken in order to make the world of entrepreneurship more available... more »

Successful road shows for Change Pakistan Conference Peshawar

Yesterday, on March 15th 2017, JumpStart Pakistan conducted 3 Roadshows in 3 different universities of Peshawar. These roadshows were made happen for the core reason of answering questions about what Change Pakistan Conference 2017... more »

International Women’s Day celebrated By JumpStart Pakistan

International Women's Day is a global celebration to recognize achievements made by women around the World and to support global actions needed to accelerate gender parity.With the objective to create a more gender inclusive... more »

Pitch Your Startup In Change Pakistan Conference, 2017

If you have ever cracked a startup idea and wondered where you should pitch your startup idea to gather investment and why, you already have a clear picture of what you require from a... more »

The Thought behind Change Pakistan Conference 2017, Peshawar

Its 14 days to go for 2017’s first Change Pakistan Conference, hosted by JumpStart Pakistan at Nishtar Hall, Peshawar. It is a 1 day action packed conference involving CEO's from known companies among other dignitaries... more »

10 Best Health Care Startups Supported By JumpStart Pakistan

By : M.Ahmad Jumpstart Pakistan prides themselves in always having supported rising startups in Pakistan. They have helped many startups achieve their dreams, just like DoctHERS, who qualified to represent Pakistan in seedstarssummit* in... more »

Startup City Karachi Celebrating International Women’s Day & Women Entrepreneurship

By: Zukhraf Gull JumpStart Pakistan is proud to be associated with Startup City Karachi and is happy to partner up in their recent venture by the name “International Women’s Day; Promoting Women Entrepreneurship”. This... more »

Limited Passes available Get Register Now

Change Pakistan Conference  Peshawar 2017, is a 1 day event where Pakistan’s budding startups will be aided in meeting people who can help them shape their idea for the better. People like CEOs of... more »

7 Reasons to Pitch Your Startup Idea in Shepherd’s Pie Season III, 2017

By: Zukhraf Gull In the world today, we see opportunity everywhere we go. But how to pick the best one and how to incur maximum benefit out of it? That’s the real question. Not every... more »

10 Reasons to Attend Change Pakistan Conference Peshawar, 2017

By: Zukhraf Gull  In just under three weeks, on March 28th, 2017, JumpStart Pakistan is conducting their flagship Conference, Change Pakistan Conference, in Shiraz Arena Deans Trade Center, Peshawar. What that means is that in... more »

8 Days Left Until Registration Closes – Change Pakistan Conference

Change Pakistan Conference is JumpStart Pakistan’s initiative towards helping equip the youth of Pakistan for the entrepreneurial revolution that Pakistan needs. A revolution by the use of The Margalla Hills Model. Shepherds, Investors, CEOs,... more »

JumpStart Pakistan Shepherds PIE Season III Launch

Shepherds PIE Season III by JumpStart Pakistan has officially begun for 2017 JumpStart Pakistan’s “Shepherds Pie” is an annual startup idea investment season following a pattern similar to Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank. Here,... more »

Meet Team TENDERWALA, striving to solve Pakistan’s Problems!

By: Imad Afzal Jumpstart Pakistan  is proud to introduce TENDERWALA, a startup working to create a better future by solving Pakistan’s problems. It has always been JumpStart’s mission to promote new and fresh startup... more »

JumpStart is Aiming to Enhance the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Pakistan

By: Zukhraf Gull There was a time when ideas were born and were left to die a slow death due to the lack of resources. It was easier to have a job than having... more »

10 Things Young Entrepreneurs Need to Take Care of

By: Sahara Ali Heading over 200 million, Pakistan is the world’s sixth largest population base. This base with its constantly permuting trends has a huge number of Pakistani entrepreneurs abroad and reportedly increasing number... more »

Green House

By: Hamza Afridi JumpStart Pakistan is a thought, an idea, an organization with the very sole aim of changing Pakistan, helping Pakistan to get economically stable and helping people of Pakistan find their way out... more »

Women And Entrepreneurship

By: Taskeen Amaan It was not long ago when the females were buried alive, considering them to be useless, in fact a curse for the society. In the modern times, it has been proven... more »

From Engineer to Entrepreneur

  By: Ali Ashraf  "Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?"  A haunting question often asked by friends, family members and relatives!  As an engineer it's easy for us to say... more »

Microsoft Azure Workshop

"The wisest mind has something yet to learn”. JumpStart has always ensured quality mentoring and training to the future of Pakistan, for this purpose JumpStart has put the step forward towards the technical trainings... more »

2nd Dinner With A CEO

-----“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”  Benjamin Franklin---- JumpStart held its 2nd Dinner with the CEO, this time with Mr. Barkan Saeed, CEO Vizteck... more »

Dinner With A CEO – Connect, Discuss, Grow – Informal Mentorship over a Dinner

----3 startups, 1 CEO – informal meetup, dinner and a lot of productive mentorship---- JumpStart has always taken a step forward to help startups solving their problems, growing and reaching to the market through... more »

Thank You

-15 startups pitched their idea to local and international shepherds at the Flagship Event of JumpStart Pakistan Shepherd’s PIE and ultimately top 5 pitched their idea in International Seedstars World event in Karachi, being... more »

SeedStars World Partner with JumpStart Pakistan

For a Potential 1.5 Million Dollar Startup investment Opportunity The startup culture promoted by Jumpstart and other initiatives has taken the entrepreneurial community by storm. The internet is alive with buzz about startups their... more »

Shepherd’s PIE @ Margalla Hills & Pre-Seedstars World Event Press Release!

6 June 2015, Islamabad. Many bigwigs of the entrepreneurial community were present at La Montana Hotel Islamabad where Jumpstart, Pakistan’s premier entrepreneurship promotion organization held its second Shepherd’s Pie session of the year. It... more »